Earth Ponies / Erd-Ponys

Seashell / Perlmuschel


Seashell / Perlmuschel ist lila und hat grüne Haare, es gibt sie mit und ohne Blesse. Sie sitzt und hat als Symbole Muscheln.

Geschichte auf der Packung USA:„Seashell was at the beach chasing the waves and rolling in the deep sand dunes. She bent down to lick the salt off her hoofs and, before she knew it, one of her Sea Pony friends had clamped on to her beautiful mane. "Why are you hanging on my mane, Sea Pony?" Seashell asked. "I want to go for a ride," replied her friend, "a real pony ride." "If you asked politely, I'd be happy to give you a ride," Seashell said. But the Sea Pony said nothing and clamped down even harder. Shaking her head in dismay, Seashell gave her a ride she'd never forget! “

Geschichte auf der Packung England:„Seashell loves the ocean. She spends hours chasing the waves, rolling in the sand dunes, and playing with all her seaside friends. She also loves to body surf on the giant waves. “

Italy (keine Blesse)